Terminator 2 will be back in theaters, this time with a 3D upgrade!

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY was pre-school Damion's favorite movie, so thank God for my parents' lax rules on R-rated films! And, man does the movie f*cking hold up! Hell, I always tear up at the very end (I'm good until that thumbs up, and then *BAM* I'm a mess for three days).

So I'm super excited to find out that T2 is getting re-released in theaters August 25th with a 3D transfer overseen by Mr. Perfectionist himself, director James Cameron. While I'm not a big fan of 3D in general, I would LOVE to see the movie on the big screen (especially since I was like 2 when the film was first released). Also that Universal Studios 3D attraction was pretty cool, and with Cameron also behind this, I can't imagine it won't be top quality. I personally can't wait! Shit, I got the Guns 'N Roses song stuck in my head just thinking about it!

So what about Schmoes? You guys excited? And how would *you* rank the TERMINATOR films? Mine's 2, 1, Salvation, 3, Genysis (though those last spots are pretty interchangeable). Sound off below with yours!

Extra Tidbit: Apparently, when I was a kid, I looked exactly like Eddie Furlong in T2. How did I know this? Because every adult I'd meet would always mention it.
Source: Deadline



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