Ang Lee won’t use 3D for Bruce Lee biopic, cites past failures

Ang Lee rejected the idea of using 3D for his upcoming Bruce Lee biopic, citing the numerous difficulties related to the technology.

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Back when there was a legitimate attempt to resurrect the 3D format, Ang Lee was at the forefront, beginning with 2012’s Life of Pi. But after failures in 2016’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and 2019’s Gemini Man — neither of which needed to be in 3D or shot in 120 fps — Lee will go back to more basic ways of storytelling with his Bruce Lee biopic.

As Ang Lee told IndieWire, “It’s too hard, especially after the two movies. The 3D is just too hard. I’ll go back to the regular way, the old way of making movies. There’s a great story to be told, a lot to explore. I’m still working on it. But it won’t be in 3D.”

Ang Lee’s problems with 3D and reasons for stepping away from it are multi, saying, “In general, not only my two movies, 3D in general …[is] so bad. The filmmakers are bad. The theaters are bad. The whole ecosystem is bad. It’s not made for [3D]. I refuse to complain, to blame it on the medium…it’s the audience, and the industry, [who] were not prepared.” Lee’s approach to both Billy Lynn and Gemini Man were ambitious to be sure but presenting those stories in such a way made it feel like he was pushing an envelope that didn’t need to be pushed; neither had a story that could properly show off the technology. Because of how they were done, their exhibitions were limited; not only did the theaters need the proper equipment but they also needed to be able to use it efficiently, which Lee noted they often don’t, resulting in a dim image that benefits neither the film nor the viewer.

As much pressure as Ang Lee put on himself regarding 3D, there is a new kind altogether with his upcoming Bruce Lee biopic. Can he present the legendary martial artist properly? Certainly he’ll have a different approach than Quentin Tarantino but will his film satisfy fans? With Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon on as producer, one can be sure that it should at least be a fitting tribute for at least the casuals.

Are you disappointed that Ang Lee is taking a break from 3D? Do you hope he makes another film in the format? Give us your take below.

Source: IndieWire

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