Terminator: Genisys trailer unveils a new killing machine & major plot twist


When plot details of Alan Taylor's TERMINATOR: GENISYS revealed that a terminator would actually be sent back in time to raise Sarah Connor, most fans were none too pleased with the change of events. We've yet to see the how and the why of it, but this latest trailer spanning several different time periods looks to throw a major curveball our way! I know there a good many of you out to avoid spoilers of upcoming films, but seeing as how this one is in the trailer, it may be hard to dodge.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had mentioned before that the real threat of the movie had yet to be revealed. Was John Connor the threat he was referring to, or is he just another puppet? What the hell is going on here?!? Good or bad, I have to say that this movie is doing an effective job of making me want to see it in theaters, if only see what the hell else they have up their sleeve. Here's hoping we're all entertained in 3 months' time. Who knows? Maybe they'll actually kill John Connor this time!

TERMINATOR: GENISYS hits theaters on July 1, 2015.




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