The Dark Knight is in Space in the teaser for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

If you play video games or have children, odds are you have encountered one of the numerous LEGO games out there. For a long time, the games operated using no voice acting but that changed with LEGO BATMAN 2. The cutscenes were so good, the studio even managed to cobble them together into a feature length animated film. Since then, all of the LEGO games have featured voice acting that almost rivals THE LEGO MOVIE itself.

The latest game in the LEGO BATMAN games will be hitting stores this Fall and the first teaser has been released. Titled LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM, the game will pick up from the end of the prior game with the formation of the Justice League as they battle a deep space threat. Back is brooding Batman, cocky Superman, and the rest of the League as the face off against Brainiac.

The animation looks solid, the humor is spot on with the other LEGO games, and the rivalry between Batman and Superman looks to be great once again. If this teaser is any indication, the only thing that could make LEGO BATMAN 3 any better would be if Will Arnett were involved.

Source: YouTube



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