The Dark Knight Rises promotional items with more Batman!

Some new promotional items for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES have popped up online, this time featuring the Bat-Man himself. We've been swamped with images of Bane and Catwoman, but haven't seen as much in the way of the titular character.

Now, courtesy of some wall stickies and a backpack, we get some cool-looking promo artwork of The Dark Knight himself, which ain't too shabby. The suit has certainly evolved from film-to-film, going from a rather theatrical costume to a more functional suit of armor. I'm lovin' it like McDonalds.

Take a gander:

Pretty cool. I'm glad to see Batman gettin' some promotional love. Not that seeing Bane or Catwoman isn't equally cool, but it's nice to see some imagery of the character the whole damn story is about from time to time. I'd like to see some more of Talia Al Ghul Miranda Tate as well, but I'm guessing they want to keep that under wraps for a bit. Since, y'know, we're all fooled as to who Marion Cotillard is really playing.

Also, you'll find below a foreign promo sheet for Mattel's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES figure line. Nothing too exciting, but...there it is.

THE DARK KNIGHT. July 20th. Boom.

Marion Cotillard.  Thank you for this.

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer Batman's traditional blue and grey costume or the straight black? Do you think the blue and grey costume could work in film today?



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