UPDATED: The Fantastic Four will get a revised origin story according to this casting call for leads in the film

UPDATE 2/3/14: You may notice that the plot synopsis from the casting call is now gone from this story. 20th Century Fox asked for the summary to be removed from the site. I'm not saying that this is a confirmation that the summary is accurate, but why else would you ask us to take it down? In place of the synopsis, enjoy a FANTASTIC FOUR pun and some boobs.

UPDATE: Director Josh Trank claims on his Twitter feed that "that synopsis is definitely not the synopsis or anything close to the synopsis. i don't know who put that out. byyee". Well, that didn't last long.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR is going to begin filming soon and we now have an official casting call for lead actors and crew in the Baton Rouge area for the movie. While the recent news has actors Miles Teller, Saoirse Ronan, Kate Mara, Kit Harrington and Richard Madden all going for roles, this notice claims that the only part that is actually cast is Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. While this is far from an official press release, this is the first time we are getting confirmation that Jordan is the Human Torch.

What is also interesting is the updated origin the notice is providing for THE FANTASTIC FOUR which is drastically different from what we traditional associate with the comic book.

The comics and movies have always had the four members of the team knowing each other before they gain their powers. Ben Grimm and Reed Richards always start as best friends, but this presents a true origin unlike we have seen before. This does follow more closely to the Ultimate comic series origin for the team which has the group working for Dr. Franklin Storm in the Baxter Building Project.

There is no mention of a villain in the casting call. Could we be getting THE FANTASTIC FOUR without Doctor Doom? It seems that, like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, maybe the creative decision is to go with a different villain and tease the team's biggest bad guy for a future sequel. Either way, I think going young is the right choice for the movie both to keep it unique from the existing films and to try and do something different with the franchise.

THE FANTASTIC FOUR hits theaters on June 19, 2015.



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