The final poster for Last Night warns that temptation can lead anywhere

For some reason I still want to see LAST NIGHT. Okay, wait, I know the reason--it's Keira Knightley. I also for some reason like Sam Worthington.

An actual release date for this film has yet to be announced. Next month it will play at the Tribeca Film Festival. A final poster came out. It's nothing too exciting. I figured that the Knightley fans might want to get a look. All I'm wondering is if Knightley and Worthington stay together. Both are invited in by temptation. Worthington meets Eva Mendes on a business trip and Knightley runs into a past love. I know, we're getting into dramatic chick territory...

Click on the poster below to check it out in hi-res at the Pimpin' Poster Palace.


"Michael and Joanna Reed (Sam Worthington and Knightley) seem to have it all. Young, attractive and successful, they’re a married couple who’ve lucked into spiritual and material well-being, sharing a comfortable and seemingly perfect life in their trendy Manhattan apartment. But when the Reeds attend one of Michael’s work parties, Joanna witnesses a suspicious moment between her husband and his beautiful new co-worker, Laura (Eva Mendes). The incident is fleeting and ambiguous – Joanna can’t be sure what she did or didn’t see – but it sows an insidious seed of doubt that festers at the core of their love."

Extra Tidbit: Is anyone else even remotely interested in seeing this?
Source: JoBlo.com



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