The gods demand justice in the new Game of Thrones season five trailer

The announcement today of HBO's new standalone service may have been big, but as a cherry on top, a new trailer for GAME OF THRONES debuted as well. Featuring all new footage not seen in the previous trailer and clips, we get wind of some major plot elements for the new season as well as a look at some new characters.

The trailer opens with some foreboding narration from Danaerys about all of the royal families being spokes in a wheel she plans to break before we get a barrage of clips showing all of our favorite characters playing their favorite game. We also get a quick look at Jonathan Pryce as he interacts with Peter Dinklage.

The biggest event coming seems to be Stannis waging war against the North. Season five looks to take us as close to Winter as we have been and it looks like several characters may not make it out alive. Here's hoping the season is as epic as this trailer.

GAME OF THRONES premieres on April 12th on HBO.

Source: YouTube



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