The LEGO Batman movie asks "can Batman be happy?" and has incredible action

lego batman movie

Everything sounds awesome so far when it comes to THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE which is set to arrive in 2017. Voice by Will Arnett, the characters was certainly one of the standouts of THE LEGO MOVIE last year and deservingly so is getting the spinoff treatment. Not a lot is known about the movie so far; we learned a little more yesterday about THE LEGO MOVIE 2, but nothing of substance yet for the blockhead caped crusader.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be producing the movie this time around as their co-director Chris McKay takes over directing duties. Recently MTV caught up with Lord, Miller, and Arnett and the excited trio couldn’t help give a few tidbits away, without spoilers of course.

Lord revealed the main story, saying:

No spoilers. But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it’s about ‘Can Batman be happy?’

While that might seem like a very small nugget of information, as someone who has grown up surrounded by Batman, I would like an answer to that question! They also talked about the action in the movie with Lord saying that it is “incredible”, with Arnett adding that the footage he’s seen was “mind-boggling.” So with those items revealed, and that Lord and Miller previously said that THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE will acknowledge every era of Batman filmmaking, you’re all caught up.

I personally can’t wait to hear more about the movie; it sounds like there could be some surprise cameos by the way they avoid the question of having Adam West, Michael Keaton or Christian Bale show up. People always forget Val Kilmer.

Watch the interview below:


Source: MTV



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