The Ring gets reboot in 3D?

The DreamWorks remake of THE RING proved to be such an effective thriller it launched a whole sub-genre of horror (J-horror remakes) as well as a sequel. Sadly the sequel sucked so bad that it effectively killed off J-horror and the RING franchise with it. The property was long thought dead until someone at DreamWorks had the bright idea to reinvigorate the franchise with 3D.

On the surface, a RING movie in 3D is actually a decent idea. It's one of the few movies that could actually take advantage of the format for reasons that, if you don't know, I'm not going to spoil here. The reason I think THE RING 3D is a stupid idea is because they're planning a sequel/reboot that will replace all the original actors with a generic teen cast. The reason the 2002 movie was so successful was because it didn't feature a bunch of dopey kids getting bumped off (with the exception of the prologue that set the film in motion). At the time, a horror movie that starred a grown woman was a novel concept, especially post-SCREAM when everything was loaded with WB cast-offs.

Somewhat coincidentally, hired to write the script is David Loucka, who recently wrote an adult-themed thriller for Naomi Watts titled DREAM HOUSE. No director is attached and its unclear when the project would begin or if the decidedly grown up Daveigh Chase (right), would return as Samara.

Extra Tidbit: Let me guess: in a meta bit of casting, they'll have Daveigh Chase play one of the victims in the new film.
Source: THR



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