The Rock challenges Chris Hemsworth to a Thor/Fast & Furious crossover

During yesterday's The Titan Games on NBC, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock turned an off-the-cuff joke into a gauntlet throwdown to Chris Hemsworth, Kevin Feige and Marvel, challenging them to a THOR/FAST & FURIOUS crossover movie where The Rock would, according to him, best Thor easily and produce a freshly minted basket of box office gold. Check out his comments on air below.

Now, look, the likelihood of this happening isn't even worth deliberating about as even the legalities of making a Marvel/Universal crossover of these franchises is mind-boggling. And, to be honest, a bunch of fast-driving humans that pretty much just steal shit are no match for super-powered individuals, let alone Gods of Thunder. Still, it DOES bring to mind a few interesting propositions and comparisons; For one, the Marvel film franchise and the Fast & Furious franchise are both billion-dollar box-office powerhouses that continue full steam ahead, so while their characters may not be compatible, the franchises sure are. Second, while we know that Dwayne Johnson has been on deck to play BLACK ADAM for DC, that process is really taking its sweet time to get going (although perhaps SHAZAM! will speed that along?), so why couldn't ol' Dwayne double dip in both the Marvel and DC pools? Maybe a phone call to Feige isn't such a bad idea. And, lastly, bypassing both franchises, I'd absolutely pay to see a action buddy-movie with Johnson and Hemsworth where they can trade on the muscle and comedic antics. Maybe a Lord and Miller joint that takes place in the 80s? I'm just spit-balling here, but yeah, I'd be down.

Anyway, don't expect the crossover Johnson is suggesting here, but those other items I mentioned? I can't see any reason why they couldn't happen.

Johnson will next be seen in THREE more projects this year alone, including FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY, FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW and Disney's untitled JUMANJI SEQUEL, while Hemsworth will do the same, adding three films to his resume this year with AVENGERS: ENDGAME, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL and the action flick DHAKA.

What kind of film would YOU team up Johnson and Hemsworth in?

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