The Rock wants Armie Hammer to play Shazam! in DCEU film

So SHAZAM is still a thing that is supposedly happening. The Rock, who is slated to appear as Shazam's main nemesis Black Adam, has been talking about this movie for what feels like over a decade. Hell, it now looks like they're going to split the movies into two, one focusing on each character.

But the question remains: who is going to play Shazam? Well, The Rock has an idea. In an interview with We Got This Covered for his upcoming BAYWATCH film, The Rock let out who he'd think would be a good Shazam, and he said none other than Armie Hammer.

This is of course only conjecture and not an official announcement or anything. But considering that the whole Black Adam/Shazam thing being, well a thing at all, is because of The Rock's star power and passion for the character, if he wants something, I'm sure the studio is at least considering it. And Hammer would be good, I think (heck, he was at one point cast as Batman in George Miller's defunct JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL film). And I've said before that I like that Hammer's been proving himself in smaller films and roles, like his memorable turn in the recent FREE FIRE. So I'm willing to give him a chance. Though considering almost no movies he's headlined have made much money (LONE RANGER, MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.) I do wonder how much Warner wants to take that chance. We'll see.

Either way, SHAZAM! is still listed on imdb as April 5th, 2019...but time will tell if it'll keep that release date or not.

Extra Tidbit: Shazam used to be called Captain Marvel. You could see how that could get confusing.



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