The sequel to Tron Legacy gets a new writer

Sam Flynn helped his zen digital dad made the computer world safe and got to interface with a sexy ISO made flesh in TRON: LEGACY, but peace in the circuits could never last.

That's mostly because Disney had already planned more stories in the neon-lit realm, and even though LEGACY didn't quite meet their "mega event" expectation, they're waxing up the lightcycles for another TRON.

But TRON: LEGACY writers Adam Horowitz and Adam Kitsis will apparently be too busy with their new TV series "Once Upon a Time" (one of this fall's competing fairy tale shows) for another visit to the glossy virtual universe, so Disney has brought in David DiGilio to work up a new script.

DiGilio has Disney history (he wrote EIGHT BELOW) but is apparently gathering Hollywood buzz from his pitch for Showtime series "The Last H.O.P.E.", a futuristic medical thriller described as "MAD MAX meets M.A.S.H." (I'd watch that).

No word on what direction the next TRON might go or which characters will return, or if director Joe Kosinski will be back (he's got the Tom Cruise sci-fi project OBLIVION up next and a remake of Disney's THE BLACK HOLE in the pipe), or if it will even get past the script stage. While the studio will reportedly save cash thanks to the designs and tech already created for LEGACY, they might wait to see how the upcoming animated show "Tron Uprising" performs before hitting the grid at full speed again.

Extra Tidbit: At the very least, let's hope Daft Punk returns for the sequel.
Source: Heat Vision



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