The Wettest County picks up a new picture and a title change

Lawless slice

John Hillcoat is a definite two for two in my book with his one-two punch of THE PROPOSITION and THE ROAD. Which means I've been eagerly awaiting his next project, the bootlegging period-piece based on the book THE WETTEST COUNTY IN THE WORLD. Though the film once bore the same title as the book, it was then shortened to THE WETTEST COUNTY and has now been shortened further by being changed to LAWLESS.

Yes, you read that correctly - LAWLESS is the same title that one of the two upcoming films from Terrence Malick is using (the other being KNIGHT OF CUPS).  Or is it? According to an exclusive recently revealed by producer Lucy Fisher to Entertainment Weekly, "we'd always wanted the title Lawless, but it was always unavailable to us.  [But then] Terry very graciously gave us the go-ahead to use it, because, he said, he’s a fan of John's. He gets a special thank you in the movie.”

As for the picture: while we had an unofficial look at LAWLESS just the other day, today's still brings Tom Hardy into the equation and gives a better look at the great detail work that Hillcoat's production team has done.

Lawless pic 1

LAWLESS makes its way to theatres on August 31st, complimentary moonshine not included.

Extra Tidbit: Nick Cave has been confirmed to score LAWLESS. Hell yes. The only thing better would be if Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross collaborated with him. I don't know if that would even work, but I'd gladly listen anyway.



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