These new stills from Iron Man 3 give us our first look at Rebecca Hall

After the first trailer for IRON MAN 3 was released, I was a little surprised at the mixed reaction I was seeing. For all those who said "meh" there was never an actual response for why they were underwhelmed. I thought it was rather strong. The biggest issue with Tony in previous installments (though I realize this could be debatable) was the dismissal of the character's depression. Stark goes to a dark place mentally, and while I don't think that an entire movie should be made of it, I think that it deserves more attention than it has received. Maybe IRON MAN 3 won't cover that, but it does look like it will delve deeper into his pain, what inflicts that is a different story. Also, before you even try to mention it, no I am not talking about a "dark" or "edgy" anything compared to TDK.

That said, I think that Shane Black will deliver a great third installment. So on to the new stills! Most importantly we get our first look at Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen. She is being described as the perfect match for Tony. Also, check out that hot Iron Patriot shot.

Source: Marvel.com



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