These photos from Breaking Bad show a fan favorite returning for the final season!

BREAKING BAD gets a lot of coverage on our site and for good reason: it is one of the best shows on television. So, with only weeks until the first episode of the final season airs on July 15th, we are getting the first images from the premiere episode featuring a returning fan favorite, Mike Ehrmantraut.

Jonathan Banks is one of my favorite actors on this show. He started out as a quiet background character but his interactions with Walt and growing friendship with Jesse really stood out in season four. Last we saw him, he did not look so hot.

From these images, we can see Walt still has the bandage on his nose and Mike appears to be nursing his wounds from the shootout last season. The return to the junkyard from season two is a nice touch as well.

Season five will complete Walter White's rise and fall and I venture to guess it is going to be a doozy of a conclusion. I am counting down the days to the premiere!

Extra Tidbit: Every time I see Jonathan Banks, I think of BEVERLY HILLS COP and 48 HOURS.
Source: MTV



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