This behind the scenes image from Prometheus shows us a character not in the theatrical cut of the film

PROMETHEUS opened only ten days ago in the United States, so I will still play it safe with the spoilers for those of you who have not seen it yet. If you haven't, what the f*** are you waiting for??

For those of you who have seen the film, you know the opening sequence features one of the Engineers sacrificing himself on what is assumed to be a prehistoric Earth. This Engineer as well as the one in the climax of the film look very similar which lead me to assume they all looked pretty much identical.

John O'Connor from effects house Creatures, Inc. revealed a huge number of behind the scenes images featuring the Engineers on Facebook a few days ago. They are a very cool look at the creation of both the Engineer prosthetics as well as the space jockey outfit we see them wearing at the end of the film. But, one image has been making the rounds online as it features a completely different Engineer that was not in the theatrical cut of the film.

This new character has been unofficially dubbed the Elder Engineer based on his obvious difference in appearance. He looks older and his robes appear to have some embellishment to them, possibly signifying superiority. Does this character have more than just this one brief appearance? When our very own JimmyO asked Ridley Scott if a director's cut of the film would be released, he indicated that only deleted scenes would be added as a bonus, not integrated into the movie.

I really liked PROMETHEUS but feel that there was a lot left untapped. I hope that we do get a sequel to the film showing Shaw reach the Engineer's home world. While I think the movie stands well by itself, I would love to see this level of detail and quality in another film.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who thinks Charlize Theron's character was incredibly under-used?
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