This creepily realistic 1/6th rendition of Lt. Aldo Raine can be yours!

Good lord, the last time I owned an action figure, it had about as much detail work put into it as the characters I was controlling on Sega Genesis. This? This is just flat out art.

Yes, I know the difference between a “collectible sculpture” and an “action figure,” but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t buy this and immediately have it start fight the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team I last played with ten years ago. Bam! Pow! Turtle scalps!

Anyways, I cannot believe the facial detail of this thing, and I imagine this is the closest thing you could ever own to actually having a twelve inch tall live Brad Pitt running around your house.

Check out the pictures below, and head over to Hot Toys where they have a crap ton of other awesome figures like this one. If you can figure out how to actually buy one over there, let me know.

Extra Tidbit: Hopefully they'll make a matching Hans Landa with removable creepy smile.
Source: SlashfilmHot Toys



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