Thundercats concept art

When I first heard about a "Thundercats" movie, I started laughing. Yes, Thundercats are cool, but I just got this hilarious mental image of men dressed up as cats. It was more like a vision of the actors in the musical "Cats" rather than guys kicking ass as cats.

Movieline obtained these awesome pieces of concept art from Jerry O’Flaherty at Comic-Con this year. O'Flaherty is also responsible for the killer "Gears of War" art, as well as art for a little game I like to call "Unreal Championship 2". Currently Paul Sopocy is writing a script. He is an unknown writer, unless you know anything about this movie he wrote, IT'S ALIVE last year. Sopocy's script would be the origin of Liono and how he came to be lord of the "Thundercats". At this point this is really the only information we have on the movie, but will be here as it develops.

Until then experience the coolness that is "Thundercats" movie art. Click on Liono for more images...

Extra Tidbit: I think this would be what I would do if I had Liono as a pet.
Source: movieline.com



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