Tom Hardy is Venom for Sony & Marvel's new Ruben Fleischer directed film

And just like that, Friday afternoon is alive with the sound of major comic book casting news! It's being reported that MAD MAD: FURY ROAD superstar Tom Hardy is in final negotiations to be cast as the lead for director Rubin Fleischer's (ZOMBIELAND) Spider-Man villain-related film VENOM!

You heard me, Hardy will assume the role of antihero Eddie Brock/Venom for Sony and Marvel's planned "Spiderverse." As far as we know, VENOM is set to be the first movie after Spider-Man from its Marvel Universe of characters. In the film, Hardy's Eddie Brock will form a relationship with an alien symbiote, which later evolves into Brock becoming the hulking, crazed badass Venom. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing Venom along with Amy Pascal.

Additionally, Sony also announced this morning that the film will be released on Oct. 5, 2018 and production will start this fall.

Extra Tidbit: Venom's suit is powered by his hatred for Spider-Man. The reason for this is that the symbiote was first rejected by the wall-crawler before attaching itself to Eddie Brock.



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