Tom Hardy teases additional Mad Max: Fury Road filming is more than simple reshoots

Rumors have abounded that George Miller's MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was going overbudget and past the shooting schedule. The third sequel in the MAD MAX series and the first without star Mel Gibson has a lot going for it in stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, but to date we have seen nothing more than a single official photo of Hardy in character and some set photos of the massive vehicles used in the movie.

Now word is coming straight from Tom Hardy himself that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is in the process of additional filming. But, Hardy clarifies these aren't just reshoots. Here are Hardy's full comments as told to Flicks and the City:

"(Mad Max)'s great. It's a big old piece, it's a behemoth of a piece. I'm off there next week to do some reshoots, well not reshoots actually, but doing more. We're building, building more Mad Maxes, even more spectacular and cool stuff."

Now, for a long time we heard that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was going to be shot back to back with a sequel to be called MAD MAX: FURIOSA. Those plans were dropped and the budget skyrocketed, but now it seems that maybe the studio either has faith in the project once again or at least wants to get their money's worth. Either way, I hope this is not a cheap ploy to try and force a franchise starter in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

As of right now, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD still has no release date but expect to see it sometime in 2014.



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