Tomb Raider reboot fast-tracked with the help of a new writer & Warner Bros.

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During the holiday season of 2013, I hunkered down in my basement during a snow storm and played through the newest Tomb Raider game. It was a reboot and it was enjoyable. In case you forgot about it, there have been talks of a theatrical reboot for the movie franchise since the summer of that year, when the game was met with a positive response. Now we have a rather promising update to share that has Warner Bros. signing on to produce the film alongside King’s GK Films and MGM.

Along with that production news, Deadline reports that that SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and DIVERGENT scribe Evan Daugherty will script the TOMB RAIDER reboot. In June of 2013 we learned that Marti Noxon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was set to write the film, but there is no mention of her progress or if it will be utilized. The reboot will see a younger Lara Croft, focusing on her first adventure (similar to the game in that aspect).

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Now we can look forward to the news of a director being chosen. We should see more development news now that Warner Bros. is on it, so we will keep you posted. I didn’t see any of the Angelina Jolie films, but I can see why they did pretty well, it’s Jolie we’re talking about. It was actress Camilla Luddington (click that) performing the motion capture work for the last video game, maybe she has a chance on the big screen.

Who would you like to see fill the role of a young Lara?

Source: Deadline



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