Tony Jaa returns!

Just a couple weeks back, we heard Muay Thai terror Tony Jaa up and went AWOL in the midst of directing himself in a follow-up to the popular face-masher ONG-BAK. Rumors of pressure and budget problems were reportedly the cause of his sudden quest for solitude.

But now Jaa has come back! Is it for a happy ending? I dunno, the story itself is pretty bizarre...

Apparently, Jaa's return involved a weeping apology on television, and a promise to complete ONG-BAK 2 but with a list of demands attached that included contract severance and (unsurprisingly) some extra cash, plus an additional threat of disappearance if the demands were not met. Jaa then apparently went to police claiming he was being followed by the studio's enforcers, and the whole thing culminated with the list of demands being jettisoned and Jaa returning to the production.

Check out the incredibly strange details at Twitch.
Extra Tidbit: Too bad the story in ONG-BAK and TOM YUM GOONG wasn't half as interesting as the one behind the scenes of ONG-BAK 2.
Source: Twitch



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