Top Gun 2 getting a complete rewrite by co-writer of The Town

Top Gun posterYep, they're still trying to make a sequel to TOP GUN happen, a fact to which I am personally altogether indifferent as I have never actually seen the first movie (a travesty, I know).

What makes me a bit less indifferent though is actually this bit of news, because I absolutely love THE TOWN. This was in large part this is due to the life, conflicts, and relationships very present in the text itself, and so I'd say that hiring THE TOWN co-writer Peter Craig to start a new script from scratch demonstrates that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is very serious about the quality of the final product.

Or one can hope, anyway.  This does probably mean it'll be a while before we hear anything else about the proposed sequel, so if you're straining with excitement I would suggest you get comfortable, slip on some aviators, and hope that Tom Cruise is as gung-ho about revisiting the part of Maverick in a year as he is right now.

Extra Tidbit: Craig is also working on a script for Bruckheimer called HORSE SOLDIERS, which centers on soldiers who did battle on horseback against the Taliban after 9/11.



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