Tracy Morgan is bringing his new stand-up special to Netflix in May

Tracy Morgan banner

Back in October of 2016, comedian Tracy Morgan filmed a new stand-up special, “Staying Alive”. In it, he addressed a lot of the hardships he's faced over the past couple of years, including his brain injury, learning to walk again and dealing with the loss of his friend, James McNair. In light of that, it's pretty amazing that he's made a full recovery and you can check out the story on Netflix when it hits on May 16th.

I've always enjoyed Morgan's work, whether it be on SNL or in TV shows/films. The accident of his was tragic, for sure, so I'm curious to see how he handles the material for stand-up. Comedians have a way of taking hard truths and making us laugh at them, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Morgan do the same with this.

You can see Tracy Morgan in FIST FIGHT which is now in theaters.

Source: Variety



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