Tron 3 to begin filming in Vancouver in October 2015

Looks like the sequel to TRON: LEGACY may be happening sooner than expected. If the sources over at VanCity Buzz are to be believed, TRON 3 will begin production in Vancouver just in time for Halloween. The blog cites "sources" as giving them the lowdown, but without official confirmation we would have to still consider this a rumor.

TRON: LEGACY grossed $400 million worldwide on a $170 million budget. While those are not the numbers a franchise is made of, it did show that fans of the 1982 original film would still turn out for a sequel 28 years later. There is no official word, but I would assume director Joseph Kosinski is still attached as director. Star Garrett Hedlund is still contracted for the sequel but it is unknown if we will see the return of Jeff Bridges or Olivia Wilde.

Kosinski did hint back in 2012 that TRON 3 needs to be the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of the franchise, but beyond that we don't know anything about plot or cast. I would assume that Jesse Wigutow's screenplay may build on Cillian Murphy's cameo in TRON: LEGACY.

Without a concrete date, I would assume production will take TRON 3 into 2016, which means we could see it as early as the end of next year or early in 2017.

Source: Vancity Buzz



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