Tron guy's Soul Code

I just got an exclusive interview with Steven Lisberger, the writer/director of the original TRON. According to the (and this is dripping with irony) always accurate IMDB, he's got another movie listed after TRON LEGACY. It's called SOUL CODE, and according to Lisberger, this one is actually happening.

“That's a working title and I've been working on that script for a couple of years. Do you know Jessica Chobot? She inspired me. She's so into anime, and she had a unique feminine point of view on it. And I've always sort have been intrigued by the sort of relationship between women and technology, and my wife has always been a tech freak...we've been working on a story and I've been working on a script for quite some time. It's still happening. That movie is still running in my brain in some mental mini-plex...it's not like TRON at all. It's this intimate, dark sort of film noir, sci-fi story.”

“It's interesting to see the feminine viewpoint of it all...it's funny. Women have really changed in the past twenty five years. When I saw women lining up to see DIE HARD movies, I knew the world was never going to be the same. People don't know, no guy in my era ever would have said to a date, 'do you want to go see a Clint Eastwood movie?' You wouldn't even do that. If you were going to see a Clint Eastwood movie, you were going with your buds, and you were going to drink beer and whatever. And if you had asked a girl, she never would have spoken to you again.”

And all these years later, I'd rather clean a bathroom with my tongue than watch a chick flick. Huh. How times change.

Source: JoBlo.com



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