Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke gets into action with Dot War?

First off, while I'd prefer to list her better works like THIRTEEN or LORDS OF DOGTOWN in the headline, I'm accepting the sad fact that director Catherine Hardwicke will (possibly forever) be best known for launching the TWILIGHT movie series.

But anyway, Pajiba says that Hardwicke is adding another project to her post-glittervamp schedule, something called DOT WAR. It's described as "WAR GAMES meets REAL GENIUS", which honestly is a good enough pitch on its own to grab my interest.

The story is about "a videogame programmer who is trained by the government to fight terrorists using virtual technology." The script is currently undergoing a rewrite, after which Hardwicke will either jump on or bail.

Hardwicke is currently prepping the latest movie version of the Grimm fairy tale LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, a "Gothic update" of the famous story about a young crimson-caped girl and her encounter with a wolf in grandma's clothing. Amanda Seyfried (JENNIFER'S BODY) is rumored to wear the cowl.

Extra Tidbit: Before climbing behind the camera, Hardwicke worked in various departments on an odd variety of movies that included ROBOCOP, FREAKED, POSSE, TANK GIRL and I'M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA.
Source: Pajiba



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