Tyrese Gibson campaigns for Green Lantern


According to the DC movie line-up, audiences won't get a rebooted Green Lantern film until 2020. It's safe to say that they're currently searching for actors though and while Idris Elba is a popular choice for the time being, it looks like Tyrese Gibson wouldn't mind donning the green tights. Posted on his Facebook and Instagram pages, the man has been dropping photoshopped Lantern images left and right, stating "I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure."


Caption this..::::: I wanna read full dialogue....

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Rumor has it that.

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Gibson has been bouncing back and forth between the TRANSFORMERS and FAST AND FURIOUS franchises for some time now and as much as we want it to, the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise can't last forever. Perhaps the man is seeking to solidify his reign in film for the foreseeable future because if Marvel proved anything, it's that donning some tights in this day and age will guarantee work for about as long you're willing to do it. Gibson can handle the comedic relief alright, but what about taking the spotlight?  Not everyone has been thrilled with DC and Warner Bros.' casting decisions thus far, so let's see how this pans out.

DC currently has the GREEN LANTERN film set for a June 19, 2020 release.

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