Unbelievable News of the Day: Clint Eastwood to direct Beyonce in A Star Is Born

Just so you know, I did not make this up and it is not a joke. This is a true story.

Warner Bros. has nabbed Clint Eastwood to produce and direct the remake of a remake of a remake A STAR IS BORN with Beyoncé. Will Fetters (REMEMBER ME) wrote the script for the film.

The last version of the film was released back in 1976 and starred Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. The premise is always the same, some big male star helps an up and coming female even though he is a drunken has-been loser. The version Beyonce stars in will most likely be modeled after the '76 version. That's my guess anyway since that's her strong point Plus, Jon Peters who produced on that very version will co-produce on this remake.

There is no male lead cast as of yet. The project has been set-up with Warner Bros. for awhile now and it was thought that Will Smith would be the one to join Beyoncé. The male role could go to anyone. Why not being back Kris Kristofferson? Just kidding. Maybe.

At one point, Nick Cassavetes was going to direct. Now they have Eastwood. My mind is baffled and this information has caused my head to explode.

Maybe you guys will have something insightful and kind to say about it.

Extra Tidbit: Beyoncé' seems nice and everyone knows that Eastwood is one of the all time greatest badasses. But this news makes me feel like this.
Source: Deadline



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