Universal has decided to give Timecop the reboot treatment

Unless they plan to put someone as equally sexy as Jean-Claude Van Damme in white boxers, my mother will not be pleased with a TIMECOP reboot.

Universal is dragging the 1994 sci-fi flick out of their library and planning a "reboot and re-imagining". The film set, "in the near future where time travel is regulated by a police force. One officer (Van Damme) runs afoul a crooked politician (played by Ron Silver) using time travel to further his political career." Sorry all but Van Damme will not be involved.

The story was originally published by Dark Horse Comics, and the script for the film was co-written by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson. Nearly three years after the release, a short lived series hit ABC in 1997. There was also a direct-to-DVD sequel, TIMECOP 2: THE BERLIN DECISION starring Jason Scott Lee (DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY) in 2003.

Do you mind a reboot/re-imagining of TIMECOP?

Extra Tidbit: I smell a possible "Cast This" column on the way...
Source: THR



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