Universal is reviving The Mummy franchise

Universal is looking to bring THE MUMMY franchise back from the dead.

John Spaihts, co-writer of PROMETHEUS, will write the screenplay for the new film. No word on whether or not it will follow the same Indiana Jones style of the Brendan Fraser trilogy or if it will take a more horror approach like the classic Boris Karloff version. Sean Daniel, who produced the recent series, is returning as producer so that may give us an idea of the direction they are taking.

Spaihts has been working hard lately. Aside from penning last year's awful THE DARKEST HOUR, he is working on a project with Jerry Bruckheimer. He also has written the script for WORLD WAR ROBOT. Assuming PROMETHEUS does well at the box office, as we all expect it to, THE MUMMY may be on the fast track to theaters. As long as they get a competent director, I will check it out.

I really enjoyed THE MUMMY, I tolerated THE MUMMY RETURNS, and I flat out despised THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR. The last one was mostly due to the absence of Rachel Weisz.

Extra Tidbit: Can't we all agree that Universal needs to do the right thing and combine all of their classic horror characters into a remake of THE MONSTER SQUAD?



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