Upcoming Spidey villain Rhys Ifans joins Bond 23

Last week came news that Naomie Harris had officially signed on to star in BOND 23 as the classic character Miss Moneypenny and the casting continues this week as Rhys Ifans, soon to be The Lizard in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, has joined the team.

There's no word on who Ifans would be playing in the film and whether that character would be a good guy or a bad guy but the same article confirms that Javier Bardem is set to play the film's villain so it's likely Ifans will star as someone who's helping Bond out along the way.

With Fiennes, Bardem and Ifans, director Sam Mendes has compiled a group of actors well-versed in playing bad guys. One of them may very well be playing Blofeld, who's been rumored to be appearing in BOND 23 since 2009. But they all can't be villains and it will be curious to see how Mendes adds them to the mix.

BOND 23 would not be the first time Ifans and Daniel Craig starred together on screen. They worked together on 2004's ENDURING LOVE where they swapped spit in a love scene, probably something that won't be revisited with James Bond.

Source: The Telegraph



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