Vincent Cassel attempts to be Matt Damon's match as new Bourne bad guy

Were you being kept up every night, consumed with the uncertainty of who might be stepping into the villainous role for the as-yet-untitled fifth Jason Bourne movie? Then celebrate the good night of sleep you will finally have now that we have news of the new Bourne bad guy.

Vincent Cassel, known as the antagonist in OCEAN'S TWELVE (oh, the Night Fox) as well as not-so-nice a guy in BLACK SWAN and TRANCE, will be taking on the evil duties, opposite Matt Damon as Paul Greengrass sits back down into the director's chair for this latest endeavor in the popular spy series.

Details remain close to the vest on the story this script will tell, but early word is that Cassel may be playing some sort of assassin who has Jason Bourne in his sights... the type of role the smooth but cunning Cassel seems to delight in playing quite often.

I don't know of a time when anyone has ever said, "Oh, that's a terrible idea," when they've heard Vincent Cassel was added to a film's cast, and today isn't going to be the day to change that. This is a solid addition for THE BOURNE whatever.

BOURNE 5 should hopefully have a final title before its release on July 29, 2016.

Source: Variety



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