Walter White looks foreboding in the new poster for Breaking Bad's final episodes

BREAKING BAD is ending and if you watch MAD MEN or THE KILLING you know the TV spots have been ramping up for the August 11th premiere of the final eight episodes of the fifth season. None have featured new footage but have done a great job of amping up the tension from the finale of the first half of the season last year.

In addition to the smoky teaser poster from a few weeks ago we have the latest poster for the final stretch featuring Bryan Cranston as Walter White with the message "Remember My Name". No matter what happens, there is no doubt that this character and series will go down in television history as an achievement with few peers.

The assumption of many is that Walter White will die by the conclusion of BREAKING BAD, but something tells me creator Vince Gilligan may not tie up this story so neatly. I am fine with an ambiguous, SOPRANOS-style finale, but I may be in the minority about that.

On a fun note, AMC has launched a website called the Breaking Bad Name Lab where you can get your name formatted with the same Periodic Table style as the BREAKING BAD title. It is a fun little app that can immortalize your name and be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Click my BREAKING BAD name below to get yours!

Source: AMC



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