Warner Bros. announces the international release dates for Man of Steel

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Even when a movie as big as MAN OF STEEL is released, there remains a certain protocol for its rollout which means that differet countries around the world see the movie at different times. Which must be hell for the spoiler-fearing/property loving when it takes a whole month or more for a movie to finally arrive. But rest assured: no matter where you live in the world, if you're reading this and are forward to MAN OF STEEL, the latest you'll most likely have to wait is July in order to catch Supes' return to cinemas.  And compared to what it could be, that's not a bad proposition at all.

to that end, go ahead and click right here to read through the list of countries and find your release date.  While New Zealand's date is still TBA, Brazil and Japan look to have the longest wait with their version of the movie not set to arrive in cinemas until the 12th of July.  It arrives in the United States on June 14th

If you're already thinking of checking out Supes' return for yourself, are you planning on an IMAX 3D outing or keeping it to 2D?

Extra Tidbit: Any non-fans of Superman out there converted by the trailer?
Source: Warner Bros.



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