Warner Bros. is "very happy" with script for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Sandman

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been developing the script for a big screen version of Vertigo's SANDMAN comics with creator Neil Gaiman, David Goyer and screenwriter Jack Thorne, and according to Goyer, Warner Bros. is quite pleased with their work so far. Goyer recently gave an update on the project in a conversation with Deadline about his hiring of Kevin Turen (who will also be a producer on SANDMAN) as the president of his film and TV production company Phantom Four.

I hesitate to definitively say when it might go before the cameras, but the one thing different between other iterations and ours is that Neil Gaiman has been in the room with us and is a vital part of the team. We have a draft Warners is very happy with and we’re moving forward, knock on wood.

Earlier today Joseph Gordon-Levitt took part in a Reddit AMA, and also had this to say when someone asked for an update on SANDMAN.

Been doing a lot of work with David Goyer and Jack Thorne, working on the screenplay. We've been doing our meetings at the DC office, which is a frickin rad place to work. Also just had a great conversation last week with David and Mr. Gaiman. Neil has been extremely big hearted with me, and he's the one I want to please most.

Although it does sound like SANDMAN is in a good place and in good hands, I'm trying not to get my hopes up because who knows if Warner Bros. will end up moving forward with the project. Do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt's SANDMAN will actually happen, or do you think Warner Bros. will get cold feet about the planned film?

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