We interview Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates & more for Bad Santa 2!

The whole gang is back! Willie, Marcus and Thurman Merman are together again for more Yuletide laughs with BAD SANTA 2, and frankly I found this sequel pretty hysterical. Hell, if you are looking for bad; being bad never felt so good with this anti-PC raunchy comedy. Crude, rude and a ton of fun, this second chapter also welcomes the incredible Kathy Bates, as well as Christina Hendricks to join in on the filthy humor. Directed by Mark Waters (MEAN GIRLS, VAMPIRE ACADEMY), this is the perfect flick to forget about all the bad in the world - at least for a couple of hours.

Recently, we attended the junket for BAD SANTA 2, and it wasn’t terribly surprising how great this cast was. First up we spoke to the extremely talented Billy Bob Thornton. Once again donning the Santa suit, the actor discussed returning to the story, and why he felt it was the right time. During our conversation, he opened up about how the new film has a ton of humor, but a surprising bit of heart. Yep, you may even find some of this flick a little touching. We even talked about his music and why he didn't want any of his own songs to make the soundtrack. The dude is pretty awesome.

Next up, we spoke to one of my all-time favorites. Academy Award winner Kathy Bates is simply one of the most talented actors working today. Yet the way she describes herself as an actor for hire is kind of refreshing. After several years on American Horror Story, and now taking on one of the trashiest characters she’s ever done, the actress is relishing the bizarre roles she’s had the pleasure of living in. She is really one of the best and a it was a real treat to chat with her. When she decides to go super dirty for a role, she really goes for it.

Finally, we spent time with the lovely Christina Hendricks and co-stars Tony Cox and Brett Kelly. Ms. Hendricks discussed playing a very unexpected character, and what it was like working with both Mark Waters, and of course Billy Bob Thornton. As far as Cox and Kelly, the two actors are very happy to return to this world. Brett talked about playing a character that manages to shut out all the bad in the world, while hero worshipping a dude that isn’t necessarily a stand up guy. And Tony talked about getting to boss around Mr. Thornton. This was a fantastic cast and thankfully, it was fun watching them on the big screen as well.

BAD SANTA 2 is making its way into theatres just in time for Thanksgiving.

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