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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

streaming Christmas movies

Christmastime is here… happiness and cheer and jeer and sneer and fear and beer! Oh, good grief, the holidays are here! And this year at Joblo, variety is the spice of life with our new list of streaming Christmas Movies for each and everyone on your list! We've got a little something for every type of holiday personality out there! Love Christmas? Fa! Hate Christmas? La! Like Christmas scary? La! Like Christmas romantic? La! Christmas comedy? La! See where I'm coming from? And just to keep things fresh, we'll be featuring a medley of slightly lesser-known holiday films so you won't be seeing the likes of Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard! So pour yourself a cold glass of eggnog and prepare to find out what Christmas movie (listed in alphabetical order) fits your Christmas personality! 

1. Have Yourself a Zombie Little Christmas: Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

anna and the apocalypse

If you need a little walking dead action within your winter wonderland, this zom-com from the UK is a festive delight! Not only does it have hefty helpings of horror, humor and heart… but it's also a freakin' musical! And somehow, it all works so well! The songs are catchy, the characters are likeable, the gore is red and the laughs are plentiful! 
Stream Anna and the Apocalypse right now on Hulu.


2. Crimson-Stained Christmas Coal: Black X-mas (2006)

black xmas 2006Yes, this is the remake of the 1974 absolute classic Black Christmas and no, it is NOT the absolute piece of shit that was the 2019 remake. X-mas sort of straddles the line between the two in that it isn't at all close to the brilliance of the original, but it isn't anywhere near as embarrassingly God-awful as the 2019 version. It's on this list because anyone who prefers their Christmas be an all-out gore-fest of nastiness should love it! Forget about genius storytelling. This thing knows exactly what it is and doesn't apologize for a second. And the whole movie is decorated with a very colorful Christmas merriment that perfectly counterbalances all the splattering blood!
Stream Black X-mas right now on Amazon Prime.

3. Yes, Virginia, these ARE good sequels!: Die Hard 2 (1990), Bad Santa 2 (2016)

die hard 2 bad santa 2

Christmas movie sequels don't come around too often, let alone Christmas sequels that are actually good! Yet, some do exist and, for this list, I have TWO… Yes, Die Hard IS a Christmas movie, but what some may not quite comprehend is that its sequel is ALSO a Christmas movie… and surprisingly, a damn good one! You'd think John McClane fighting off terrorists a second time during Christmas would be asinine, yet somehow through Bruce Willis's everyman charm and a wonderfully merciless main villain (played by William Sadler), the whole thing works! And… with Bad Santa 2, Billy Bob Thornton's "Willie" picks up right where he left off, despite the thirteen-year gap between both films. All the dirty, potty-mouthed magic of the original is back with the new addition of the always-game Kathy Bates as Willie's mama! Funny times!
Stream Die Hard 2 right now on HBO MaxStream Bad Santa 2 right now on Amazon Prime.

4. You LOATHE Jim Carrey's Grinch movie in all its annoying ridiculousness, but still want to celebrate the magic of Dr. Seuss's bookThe Grinch (2018)

the grinch movie 2018

Yes, I know every year we are bombarded with a green Jim Carrey mugging his way through makeup and prosthetics. Some seem to enjoy it, while others can't stomach its incessant, three-year-old-on-a-sugar-high discourse that continuously beats you over the head. If you're in the latter group and feel like Carrey and Ron Howard took a giant dump on a Christmas classic, then definitely check out Illumination's sweet retelling of the green guy's story. It's fun, vibrant and the ideal antidote for Carrey's Who hash!
Stream The Grinch right now on Netflix.

5. Holiday Humbug Hilarity: Just Friends (2005)

ryan reynolds just friends

In case anyone didn't know, Ryan Reynolds was hilarious way before Deadpool. Such is the case with this often-overlooked Christmas comedy about a formerly dorky dude trying to escape from the friend zone with his high school crush. Maybe that's because some of the characters aren't very likeable and the proceedings come off as pretty mean-spirited. However, Reynolds, Anna Faris and even Chris Klein are super game and deliver some great, whacked-out performances. I dare you not to laugh out loud at this shit!
Stream Just Friends right now on Amazon Prime.

6. The Christmas Sarcastic: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)kiss kiss bang bang

If you're looking for further proof that Robert Downey Jr. was a genius before Iron Man, look no further than this twisty action/buddy/comedy/mystery from writer/director Shane Black. The plot is, essentially, maniacal; mixing murder, mistaken identity, childhood crushes, and more all during the holiday season. Just watch this for RDJ's wit and a career-best performance from Val Kilmer!
Stream Kiss Kiss Bang Bang right now on Amazon Prime.

7. Amazing Animated Family Christmas: Klaus (2019)


This absolutely delightful film was released on Netflix just this past year and deserves to become a Christmas classic. It starts off as a seemingly non-holiday movie, yet by the time the credits roll it has morphed into an unexpectedly warm and beautiful tribute to the season. You may not even realize that it's happening! And that's the magic of Klaus! Old-fashioned animation coupled with fantastic vocal performances from Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons and Rashida Jones leads to a heartfelt and humorous experience for young and old. There's a reason why this film was Oscar nominated for Best Animated Feature and, quick frankly, should have won!
Stream Klaus right now on Netflix.

8. The Holiday Date Night Romantic: Love Actually (2003)

love actually

Okay, it's got a British cast and tells many stories about falling in love, however, heed my words: this movie is NOT just for the ladies! With every sweet, mushy sentiment, you also get heavy helpings of colorful R-rated content (bad words and boobs)! There are also some genuinely hilarious scenes and every "love story" within the movie is connected throughout. Oh yeah, that British cast includes Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy and Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson! 
Stream Love Actually right now on Google Play.

9. Corporate Christmas Cubicle: Office Christmas Party (2016)

office christmas party 2016

Let me just say that watching this movie makes you feel like you actually ARE at an office Christmas party! It's fun, wild, funny and full of festive feelings! It's also loaded with high level comedic talent: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon, Rob Corddry, Jillian Bell, T.J. Miller, Vanessa Bayer and Randall Park. That's one hell of a Christmas bonus! 
Stream Office Christmas Party right now on Amazon Prime.

10. The Angels With Filthy Souls: Better Watch Out (2016)

better watch out 2016

If you're looking to be on Santa's naughty list, let this little holiday hellfest slip down your chinmey! If you ever thought that Home Alone needed a batshit, gore-soaked upgrade, then you need to watch Watch Out! A Christmas Eve babysitting gig quickly turns into a green-and-red nightmare in hilariously chilling fashion. That's all you need to know!
Stream Better Watch Out right now on Tubi.

And there you have it! Ten lesser known, but still enjoyable holiday movies to get in a Christmas mood no matter what your personal preference! Hope you liked (and check out) the list! Also, let us know some of your own festive faves in the comments below! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!


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