Weekend Box-Office: February 4-6, 2011

The Roommate tops a lame weekend

Super Bowl weekend is always slower at the box-office, but this year took the cake as it generated the smallest box-office total gross in 15 years. In fact, when you compare this year's numbers to last year, this would make the 13th straight weekend that overall business was down, in comparison. Granted, last year's numbers may have been a little skewed due to the ongoing success of AVATAR, but when overall revenues are down 25% compared the previous year...it's worrying.

This weekend's #1 hit wasn't a major surprise, considering that 2/3 of its audience were women under the age of 21 (generally not the typical audience to watch the Super Bowl), so kudos to Sony for the good timing of THE ROOMMATE release. On the other hand, not sure about SANCTUM which could only garner about $9M and a 2nd place finish. By the way, this seems to have become standard for me to mention every other weekend, but THE ROOMMATE was #1 despite horrible reviews from the critics, with only 9% considering it "worthy of seeing" on Rotten Tomatoes. SANCTUM didn't fare much better with only 29% recommending the film.

The only major move in the rest of the top 10 came courtesy of last week's #1 movie, THE RITE, which not surprisingly dropped from 1st to 6th place in one week and lost about 62% of its audience from last weekend, which is pretty standard for most "genre flicks". THE MECHANIC also dropped from 3rd to 7th place, although it only lost about 53% of its audience from the same time last weekend. The two films to get booted from the top 10 this weekend were THE FIGHTER ($82M) and YOGI F*CKIN' BEAR ($95M). 

Next week sees the release of 4 new movies including the one film I've been looking forward to more than any other movie since FIGHT CLUB was released and that, of course is JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER!! Sure to be a classic in the same vein. Adam Sandler also continues to be "going through the motions" of late with his latest film entitled JUST GO WITH IT (how about I don't?), while something called THE EAGLE is also being released, starring pretty-boy Channing Tatum. The kids will also be getting another animated flick next week, this one focusing on garden gnomes and romance entitled GNOMEO & JULIET. That said, since it's Superbowl Weekend, we figured that it might be okay to ask a non-movie related question in our poll this week and that is: who will win the Superbowl tonight? VOTE NOW!!! PS: Since it's a slow weekend, check out our two recently revamped sections below....



1. The Roommate $15.6 M
2. Sanctum $9.2 M
3. No Strings Attached $8.4 M $51.8 M
4. The King's Speech $8.3 M $84.1 M
5. The Green Hornet $6.1 M $87.2 M
6. The Rite $5.6 M $23.7 M
7. The Mechanic $5.4 M $20.1 M
8. True Grit $4.8 M $155 M
9. The Dilemma $3.4 M $45.7 M
10. Black Swan $3.4 M $95.9 M




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