Weekend Box-Office: January 28-30, 2011


The Rite is just right this weekend...

This weekend's box-office isn't too different from last weekend's box-office. In fact, the biggest drop compared to last week's figures came from THE DILEMMA, which lost 40% of its audience from last weekend. Most films didn't lose much ground compared to last week, in fact, THE KING'S SPEECH actually made 41% more money this week, than last (which is very rare). Granted, the film widened its release by about 900 theaters, but TRUE GRIT also made 4% more this week than last, and it actually lost about 350 theaters since last week.

In fact, if you look over the TOP 10, you'll notice that many of the December / Oscar releases are still hanging around, including THE FIGHTER, BLACK SWAN, the aforementioned films and of course....YOGI BEAR!!

The only 2 new films to be released this weekend include Anthony Hopkins' THE RITE, which managed to snag the #1 spot with $15M and Jason Statham's THE MECHANIC, which managed a #3 opening with about $12M. Last week's #1 movie, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, managed an impressive second-week gross, adding another $14M to its total, which is now $40M after only 10 days of release. THE GREEN HORNET, despite middling reviews, is also "hanging around" in 4th place, as it increased its total to about $80M. Oh and the limited release of FROM NADA TO PRADA opened in 17th place with about $1M in grosses. God help us all.

The two films to finally get booted from the top 10 this weekend included TRON: LEGACY, which managed a pretty decent total of $167M, which compared nicely to its alleged $170M budget (the film has made an additional $180M from foreign markets). LITTLE FOCKERS was the other film to get pushed from the top 10, but it too had a decent run and ended up with $145M when all was said and done (and it too, added another $145M to its overall total via worldwide markets). For those scoring at home, TANGLED finished in 12th place this weekend, and ended up with around $190M, but managed another $232M from those pesky foreigners...

Next week sees the release of two new thrillers, the first of which is called THE ROOMMATE, a loose remake of SINGLE WHITE FEMALE featuring hotties Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly (call me!). The other thriller, SANCTUM, has James Cameron's name all over it, as it involves 3D and underground water, yet features a cast of no-names. THE ABYSS meets THE DESCENT meets AVATAR? Or just a piece of shit? We'll find out soon enough. But since this week's slate of movies is kinda boring, we're focusing today's poll question on the big news of the day: Would you have preferred that the actor cast as Superman was American? VOTE NOW!!! PS: CLICK HERE to check out what our revamped Box-Office section will look like.

1. The Rite $15 M
2. No Strings Attached $13.7 M $39.7 M
3. The Mechanic $11.5 M
4. The Green Hornet $11.5 M $78.8 M
5. The King's Speech $11.1 M $72.2 M
6. True Grit $7.6 M $148.4 M
7. The Dilemma $5.5 M $40.6 M
8. Black Swan $5.1 M $90.7 M
9. The Fighter $4.1 M $78.4 M
10. Yogi Bear $3.2 M $92.5 M




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