Weekend Box-Office: October 14-16, 2011

Moviegoers dig their fighting robots..

After seeing our poll results from last weekend in which we asked our readers to let us know which October film "excited" them the most (and they chose NONE OF THE ABOVE by a big margin!), it wasn't too much of a surprise to run into yet another "meh" box-office weekend as Disney's REAL STEEL maintained the top spot, despite a close call from the latest remake on the charts FOOTLOOSE, which finished in 2nd place. That said, the numbers below are just "estimates" so the rankings may actually change by Monday when the actual figures are announced (right now, there is only a $200,000 difference between #1 and #2).

The other remake released this past weekend (sigh) called THE THING apparently wasn't as bad as people expected, but I'm sure if you asked those very same people, most would say that they'd have preferred the studio created a BRAND NEW movie based on a (get this) an ORIGINAL IDEA!! Aaaaah, I remember the good ol' days when films that we're being released in theaters weren't just sequels, prequels, remakes and TV spinoffs. Bah! Enough about how much the gool ol' days rocked.... 

Which brings us to the third new release of the weekend for a film starring Owen Wilson, Jack Black and legendary comedian Steve Martin, the latter of whom apparently needs money more than anyone else from his generation as he doesn't mind doing total crap for money from time to time (SGT. BILKO, BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, THE PINK PANTHER....). A shame for a guy who used to be known as an original creative mind on the scene. Nowadays, Martin is relegated to taking shitty roles in shitty movies like THE BIG YEAR which Fox under-promoted because they likely knew how shitty it was. Then why make it in the first place, people?!?! Oh and THE BIG YEAR opened in 9th place with $3M. The film cost $41M to make.

The rest of the top 10 remained relatively the same except for most films moving down a notch or two and three films getting booted from the top 10 in order to make room for the latest releases including DREAM HOUSE ($18M), CONTAGION ($72M) and WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER ($13M).

Next week is apparently the only weekend during which Hollywood studios will release a "horror movie" this Halloween month, as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 moves into theaters with very little info on the film. RESIDENT EVIL guru Paul WS Anderson will also be taking the latest shot at THE THREE MUSKETEERS saga (sigh), while Mr. Bean is back with JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN. So after this weekend's 2 remakes being released, next weekend sees 1 remake and 2 sequels. Fun times...not. But just for shits and giggles, how much $$$ do you think PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 will earn over its opening weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Real Steel $16.3 M $51.7 M
2. Footloose $16.1 M
3. The Thing $8.7 M
4. The Ides of March $7.5 M $22.2 M
5. Dolphin Tale $6.3 M $58.7 M
6. Moneyball $5.5 M $57.7 M
7. 50/50 $4.3 M $24.3 M
8. Courageous $3.4 M $21.4 M
9. The Big Year $3.3 M
10. The Lion King $2.7 M $90.5 M




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