Werner Herzog teases acting role in a "big franchise film"

Werner Herzog has re-entered the zeitgeist in a big way over the last several years thanks to directing stirring movies like RESCUE DAWN, and documentaries like CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS and INTO THE INFERNO. But every now and again he gets to bring that gruff, German persona and voice to an acting role, and the legendary filmmaker recently teased a new acting gig in a major blockbuster movie – of which he can’t reveal.

Herzog was at TIFF making the rounds with his new documentary MEETING GORBACHEV, a feature-length discussion with former Soviet politician Mikhail Gorbachev. It was there he spoke with IndieWire, teasing his next big acting gig in a super-secret project.

"[It's] a big franchise film, about which I’m not supposed to say anything,” he said. “I can only say the title. The code name is ‘Huckleberry.’” He chuckled. “For god’s sake, that’s only a cover.”

His last major live-action appearance was as the perfectly-cast villain in JACK REACHER with Tom Cruise, which brought in over $200 million worldwide. Since then he’s mostly done voice work (given that his voice is a gift to mankind), including the movies THE WIND RISES and PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, as well as the show RICK AND MORTY. Meanwhile, he continues to work constantly and just shot a movie in Japan over the summer with non-professional actors and in the country's native language. 

Lord knows what franchise movie he’s talking about. This day and age it could be anything from another straight-up action movie like JOHN WICK to something huge like a Marvel movie – either of which would be amazing. Though not going in for a lot of acting gigs where he has to physically step into a set, Herzog has a very particular, powerful presence, so whatever he’s in, he’s most likely the best man for the job. Oh please tell me he’s Thanos’ disapproving grandfather in AVENGERS 4!

Source: IndieWire



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