Reacher star Alan Ritchson loves being compared to Tom Cruise

Alan Ritchson has no problems being compared to Tom Cruise, who first brought Jack Reacher to the screen through two movies.

Alan Ritchson Reacher

A franchise character can be tough to step into the shoes of. It’s almost impossible to avoid comparison to the last guy. This would be especially so when the groundwork was laid by Hollywood’s biggest star. And that’s just what has happened with Alan Ritchson with Reacher, taking over the title role that Tom Cruise put on the big screen.

Appearing on Jonathan Blomberg Interviews, Alan Ritchson suggested that being compared to Tom Cruise – who played Jack Reacher in the 2012 movie and its 2016 sequel, Never Go Back – isn’t just an honor, it’s something he’ll never get tired of hearing. “Never. Being compared to the most legendary actor of all time? The last film star? I would never tire of being compared to somebody of his stature. Look, he did his thing, he brought a lot of eyes to this project that wouldn’t be here otherwise, I think.” He also credited Cruise with helping the character gain more popularity. “There’s some great IP, the books are great, a lot of people have read them and enjoy the show because of them, but I think a lot of people enjoy the show because he made them aware of it.” One wonders if he would feel the same way if compared to Dwayne Johnson, who lost the role to Cruise

While Alan Ritchson is obviously no Tom Cruise, he really doesn’t have to be when it comes to the Reacher show. Currently in its second season, Reacher, the show has proven quite popular in its own right with audiences, with a third season already confirmed.

With nearly 30 installments in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series – and plenty of other shorts – that gives Alan Ritchson a lot of potential to keep exploring the character and continue making him his own, as each season takes on a separate book. Season one was based on “Killing Floor”, the first in the series, while the second season was adapted from “Bad Luck and Trouble”, the 11th book.

Are you enjoying Alan Ritchson on Reacher? How is he doing in the role compared to Tom Cruise? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Jonatan Blomberg Interviews

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