What Did You Think? Post your Green Hornet review!

GREEN HORNET seems like it's just going to be one of those films that splits audiences right down the middle. I saw it earlier this month and really didn't like it much at all. But Chris Bumbray reviewed it and liked it enough to give it a 7/10. And he audience I saw it with seemed to really be getting along with it. But then I see JoBlo reader/MFC user AJJara post "I think Green Hornet may be the worst movie of all time. I walked out and I have never walked out of a movie."

It's clear there will be a lot of debate over THE GREEN HORNET and its merit so, as we often do, we're going to leave this article up all weekend with the Strike Backs open and encourage you to post YOUR review of THE GREEN HORNET. If you're so inclined, you can even post a review to your Movie Fan Central profile.

I say this often but PLEASE NO SPOILERS. There are some funny jokes and cameos you don't want to give away to people who haven't seen the film yet. And, as always, no attacking, flaming or insulting other users.

Source: JoBlo.com



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