MOVIE POLL: What will you be doing tonight?

What will you be doing tonight?

Watching the Oscars, checking my Oscar pool, chatting it up on JoBlo.com and loving it all!
Avoiding the Oscars as they are too long and a bore every year...
Checking into the Oscars every now and again, while doing other stuff in the meantime
I'm having an Oscar party, bitch!
Since "The Dark Knight" was snubbed for "Best Picture", I'm avoiding that shite on principle!
Same as usual, dude. I'll be drinking myself to sleep in the hopes that tomorrow is the day that my life makes sense again...
I'll be watching the red carpet for the hot chicks and then zoning out the rest of the time...
Fuck the Oscars. Never seen them, never will!
Other (see my response below)

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