Who is currently testing for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four?

Man, they're going fairly young with the cast for the reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR. Currently a slew of actors are being brought in to test for each member of the team, expect for The thing. Terry Crews is available for the part by the way. He's definitely not as young as the actors being considered but he is interested.

That aside, here is who will be testing for which role:

Mr. Fantastic: Kit Harington(GAME OF THRONES), Miles Teller(THE SPECTACULAR NOW), Jack O’Connell(300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE)

Sue Storm: Kate Mara, Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie(THE WOLF OF WALL STREET)

Johnny Storm: Michael B. Jordan

The Thing: ???

Before you go into full on panic mode, just remember that these are early tests. The movie hasn't even been greenlit yet but will be as soon as writer Simon Kinberg whips up something worth casting. Then they'll start to get serious about locking down actors, checking schedules, etc.

Jordan is the only actor being mentioned to play the Human Torch though it is said that this may change. It's likely that O'Connell won't be able to take part in the film because around the same time he will be filming UNBROKEN for helmer Angelina Jolie.

Are any of these actors right for the roles?

Source: Variety



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