Terry Crews could definitely see himself playing Thing in Fantastic Four

After all that fan lobbying, and the fact that Vin Diesel is Vin Diesel, the actor finally landed a role in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. What's cool is that we may even actually get to see him in more than just a voice role in the future if he lands something like INHUMANS.

So if that worked for Diesel, can it also work for someone like Terry Crews? I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE Crews. He's won me over in every role especially WHITE CHICKS. Yes, that movie is hilarious mainly because Crews comes in and steals the show.

Like Diesel, Crews is soon to voice a comic book character but this one will be for the small screen. Crews will lend his voice to Blade in Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special. While there is no next comic role on the horizon for the actor, he did remark on who he'd want to play.

“One character I always thought I could play is the Thing from Fantastic Four. Another character I’ve always loved as a fan is Colossus. If there was a way to make that happen that worked, I would love to be Colossus.”

Crews has good timing since FANTASTIC FOUR just landed Simon Kinberg has the screenwriter. Could he be trying to get his foot in the door? It's completely possible. However, as for the role of Colossus, that's currently taken by the young Daniel Cudmore.

Yes, Crews is only just talking about what he'd like to do but why not be your own hype machine? I'm sure there are fans out there who would support him as Thing. Crews knows that there has to be a certain amount of interest from both the studio and the fans in order to get a part like that one, “You can’t make yourself President; the people make you the President. If people want me to be a part of this superhero genre, it’ll happen. People get what they want. I feel like we need to make new superheroes, African-American superheroes, that people would accept. Whatever I do, it has to be right – for me, for the character, and for the fans.”

Source: Newsarama



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