Whoa! Christopher Nolan to develop Superman reboot!

How's this for some shocking news for your Tuesday morning?! Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Christopher Nolan has agreed to develop a SUPERMAN reboot at Warner Bros! Nolan, it appears, will not write or direct the film but will be actively involved in "mentoring" the production and acting as a "godfather" so-to-speak to the creative team. Deadline is referring to the film as SUPERMAN 3.0 though it's likely that's just a cheeky reference to this being the third time the franchise has been started.

As they stress, and I would like to reiterate, this SUPERMAN project is in the very nascent stages of development. (So please NO "Emily Blunt as Lois Lane!!!" rumors for at least a few months.) While the film would "definitely not" be any kind of follow-up to SUPERMAN RETURNS, they claim that neither director Bryan Singer or star Brandon Routh have been giving their walking papers yet (YET...). They claim that there really isn't a plan yet for what they want to do just an agreement that Nolan will be helping them do it.

Their report also includes word that Nolan has officially hatched his concept for the third BATMAN movie and that David Goyer and Jonah Nolan are busy working on the script. So I guess that means the rumors about "Emily Blunt as Catwoman" can start again. Oh well, I guess you gotta take a little bad news to go with the good!

Extra Tidbit: Didn't see this coming...
Source: Deadline



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