Will guys go see The Hunger Games?

With record-setting pre-sold tickets, THE HUNGER GAMES is tracking to have a $70 Million+ opening. But will a film with such a strong female fan base attract guys who aren't just going to take their girlfriends on opening weekend?

Today's new clip, and a recent 60 second spot have yet to focus on the real action of the film, which would surely attract the male audience. Can we please see an arrow shoot something other than an apple? We're sick of television ads that focus more on the fashion that the characters are wearing than the bloody, fight-to-the-death-with-bare-hands violence!

While the book itself is never too gory (or at least anything that can't be done within a PG-13 rating), it does have more to offer the average male viewer than the trailers would have us believe. Those who have read the book series know that the adventure and action elements of the story involve several elaborate booby-traps that are hidden within the forest arena from the film. This causes more than a fair amount of bloody goodness!

The film has also been compared the TWILIGHT series, which is a put-off to young dudes who don't wanna see anything sparkle in the sunlight. While there is a romantic subplot within the first book, many film-goers who are on the fence should know that it acts as more of a plot device than a groan-inducing, mope-fest that you would expect from Kristen Stewart.

Based on the source material alone, the film could prove to be a fun, action-drama within a sci-fi setting that sets the stage for a great movie series. And perhaps the producers are just saving the best bits of the film, knowing that good word-of-mouth will bring guys into the theaters for the second weekend.

I'm seeing a lot of fashion here, but not a lot of arrow impalement.

If the marketing for the film isn't doing anything for you guys. Just remember how hot Jennifer Lawrence is in this clip from a 2010 Esquire fashion shoot.

Extra Tidbit: Are you and your buddies going to see THE HUNGER GAMES on March 23rd?



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